What to pair with Tie-Dye.

Our densely flavored Red Blend goes well with anything from rack of lamb, grilled steak to venison. Accompany any of these hearty meat dishes with a fruit-based marinade for the perfect pairing.

Ordering take-out? Tie-Dye is the perfect sipper to pair with Chinese Food or strong-flavored Indian & Mexican dishes. Zesty sweet-and-sour to red chile adobo sauces is sensational with this juicy Red Blend.


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With tempting aromas of dark cherry, blackberry and spice, Tie-Dye is a complex, full-bodied wine with juicy, approachable flavors of ripe blue-purple fruit and dark semi-sweet chocolate. A kiss of vanilla and a touch of brown baking spice add depth to the long, satisfying mouthfeel.

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