Tie-Dye takes its name from the brash and colorful clothing designs popularized by rock stars, artists and hippies in the heyday of the unforgettable 1960’s. Emblazoned on t-shirts, armbands and head scarves, the primary colors and psychedelic patterns of this do-it-yourself dyeing technique became forever linked to the ideals of peace, love and tolerance that characterized the counterculture movement of the time.

At Tie-Dye, our craft is wine, as we bring together bold, colorful grape varietals to create a swirling, twirling red blend that is big, bright and deliciously saturated. Like the clothing that inspired us, our Tie-Dye Red Blend stands out from the crowd, bringing a free-spirited, laid-back vibe to any gathering of friends or merry pranksters. While we can’t promise that Tie-Dye will bring world peace, we can guarantee an outa sight wine, one that is sure to set the night on fire…